All Time Favourite Barley Drink

May 10, 2017 | By onelazycook | 2 Comments | Filed in: Turbo Pressured.

~ Plain Barley Drink ~ Barley has a long history in grain diet. It is one of the oldest consumed grains in the world. There is so much information about barley that are available on the world-wide web (www). So, I do not think I should repeat them here. Be rest assured that barley is • Read More »

My “Asianised” Mac & Cheese Story

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~ “Asianised” Brown Rice Mac & Cheese ~ Mac & Cheese is my soon-to be 4 years old girl’s favourite. In the absence of daddy, I took her out for a little mummy-daughter time with her favourite food last weekend to realised that I have left my purse at home when we arrived at the • Read More »

Low Carb, High Fat Qualified? Quinoa with Vegetables & Pan-fried Chicken Thigh

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~ Zero Oil Pan-fried Chicken Thigh with Carrots & Warm Quinoa Salad ~ It is interesting how the search on eating habits recently lead me to knowing about this unconventional diet known as Ketogenic or “High Fat, Adequate Protein, Low Carbo“ diet. As I understand from Wikipedia, Ketogenic diet is used medically by the paediatricians • Read More »

Fa Gao or Fatt Gou (Chinese Prosperity Steamed Cake)

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~ Steamed Fa Gao with Easy Quick Lid ~ Fa Gao (Mandarin) or Fatt Gou (Cantonese) or Leavened Cake when literally translated. It is a type of steamed cupcake with a long history amongst the Chinese community, being famous for its symbolism for “Leavened” or “Raised” prosperity and in other aspects of life. This is • Read More »

Hakka Beancurd (Tau Kwa) Served in Fresh Lettuce

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~ Stir-fried Mashed Beancurd with Minced Chicken Wrapped in Lettuce ~ At a glance, this dish appeared to be an ordinary one, just like any other minced meat with beancurd/Tau Kwa dish. I learnt this dish from Madam Annie Ho, the Director of AMC Singapore during a cooking sharing session. To be honest, the recipe • Read More »

Homemade Springy Fish Balls in Rich Broth

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~ Spanish Mackerel Rich Broth with Springy Fish Balls ~ Fish paste or fish balls have been my favourite food since young. Whenever my mum made them, she will have both her hands tied and I would be asked to help out to sprinkle the white pepper and salt onto the fish paste. Although I • Read More »