By | August 31, 2015

~ A Birthday Present ~

It has never been a practise for my hubby to buy me a physical present ever since we met. No presents on Birthdays, Valentines’ Days, Anniversary Days etc. you name it. Flowers? Forget it!

He always tell me that everyday is your Birthday, a Valentines’ Day, Anniversary Day etc. if you are happy. All along, I thought it’s a lame excuse for not spending some time and thought in getting something to surprise me. I really do because I am a woman who loves  these kind of surprises too.

However, he would surprise me from time to time by getting me things that would give me a lasting memory. I would not go into detail on what they are as that’s not the point here. The point is, this blogsite. This very blogsite is one of the present from my hubby!

Hence, my blog is born on my birthday! How much more exciting can it get? I hope it will blossom to benefit many of my business partners’ as well as my AMC Premium Cooking System customers.

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