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~ Homemade Essence ~

Have you ever made your own fish or chicken essence from home?

Nowadays, whenever I went back to my hometown in Tawau, a place in Borneo famous for its fresh seafood where I was brought up, my busy mummy would make us chicken or fish essence when time permits. Yeah, the essence! Apart from seafood, chicken in Tawau are like no others too. They are truly fresh! These essence are known to replenish essential nutrients to reduce fatigue and boost the immune system for all ages.

My mum has reminded me from time to time of the health benefits from the essence whereby all goodness from the chicken has been extracted through the make process of the essence. Whether it is just the psychological effect or for real, for every sip I take, it makes me feel that my whole body has been nourished from the moment the essence get ingested into my tummy right up to each and every cells of my body throughout the digestion system.

It is so precious that every single drop counts. You know how mummy’s cooking gives an impact too?!! (*Grin*)

My first encounter with fish essence was towards the end of my confinement month, after I gave birth to my only princess. My mum visited us. She made me Threadfin fish essence. It was the first time I had homemade fish essence. I was reluctant to try at first as I am phobia with fishy fishes! More so, this is the essence! However, I was convinced as mum claimed that she brought only the fresh fishes all the way from Tawau.

Mum made the fish essence with the AMC Softiera dish & insert and an AMC 24cm 5.0litre pot with the 24cm AMC Secuquick Softline lid. All she did was to clean the fish under running filtered water, cut them into 3-4 big blocks and cook on Turbo mode for 30 minutes. That’s all and the fish essence extracted was magical! No fishy smells at all! It tasted really like fresh clear soup, like a clear coconut drink with some oil filled with Omega goodness.

I do believe these chicken and fish essence contain Omega oil which are good for the brain development, immune, inflammatory system etc for both adults and children alike. Since then, I have started making chicken or fish essence for my little girl fortnightly. It is so easy and fast with the use of the Secuquick Softline lid that I feel I can make weekly, if not daily! For someone whom is not well verse in cooking, I am now making essence from Kampong chicken parts (drumstick and/or breasts) or whole Threadfin fish regularly. Who wouldn’t have a sense of achievement! Hee, hee…

Homemade Chicken Essence Recipe (Yield 1 small bowl, around 200ml) :

  1. 1 Kampong chicken drumstick & 1 breasts, around 250 grams (cleaned with running filtered water).
  2. 300ml of Water

Homemade Fish Essence Recipe (Yield 1 small bowl, around 250ml) :

  1. 1 Blackspot Threadfin Fish, around 300 grams (cleaned with running filtered water & cut into 2. Slit 2-3 lines diagonally on both side of the flesh).
  2. 300ml of Water

AMC Healthy Cooking Method :

  1. Add water to the AMC 20cm 4.0 litre Pot.
  2. Place the dripping wet chicken or fish into 20cm Softiera Insert. Place the Softiera Dish, followed by the Softiera Insert into the pot. Cover with AMC 20cm Secuquick Softline Lid.
  3. Switch on Navigenio to automatic mode, “A”.
  4. Turn on Audiotherm and place on Secuquick Softline Lid knob indicating “Turbo” and set 30 minutes to cook.
  5. When Audiotherm beeps, turn off both Navigenio & Audiotherm.
  6. When pot depressurised, remove lid and serve warm.

Extraction of chicken essence in progress with AMC Secuquick Softline lid. It can be set on Turbo mode for 30-45 minutes.


Chicken residual remain intact after 45 minutes of pressure cooking.



Chicken essence extracted dripped onto the AMC Softiera Dish.


Extraction of fish essence in progress with AMC Secuquick Softline lid.


Fish residual remain intact after 45 minutes of pressure cooking.


Fish essence extracted dripped onto the AMC Softiera Dish.



A good bowl of warm essence believed to boost immunity for all.







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