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~ Fatless Braised Chicken Mid-joints ~

Which part of a chicken do you like the most? Are you also a chicken mid-joint person like me? I actually enjoy most part of a chicken as long as they are cooked fatless and moist. Chicken mid-joint can be cooked in so many ways, from Vietnamese to Chinese and Korean, you name it. It is succulent when cooked and smooth in texture compared to the other parts in a chicken apart from drumsticks.

Simplicity is always the key to all my cooking. That is the way how lazy cooking can be done knowing that my fresh ingredients can be cooked and enjoyed the way they are with minimal seasoning and tempering throughout the cooking process. Hence, I have prepared my chicken mid-joints the fatless way yet again with my AMC automatic premium cookware system.

When the chicken mid-joints are cooked with an AMC automatic system, it is on high heat level at the initial cooking process up to 50°C-69°C, adjusted to lower heat level hovering around 70°C-98°C which is the ideal cooking temperature and turned off itself when cooking is done. That whole process, if you could imagine, browned and extracted all fats from the chicken mid-joints in the pan and braised the wings for as long as you instruct the system to do so. All done without additional oil and without additional water added to the dish.

Chicken mid-joints and brown onion cooked with zero oil and without additional water drew natural fat and juice which then circulate in the Hotpan unit in that ideal temperature forming gravy sufficiently moist for the braised dish. It is really a perfect dish with no additional calories added while I enjoy my favourite chicken mid-joints. I can have a dozen on my own!

 Fatless Braised Chicken Mid-joints Recipe (Serves 2-3) :

  1. 10 pieces of Chicken Mid-joints (cleaned)
  2. 1 small size/ 1/2 medium size Brown Onion (sliced horizontally)
  3. 5 cloves of Garlic (finely chopped)
  4. 1 tablespoon of Dark Soy Sauce
  5. 1/2 tablespoon of Light Soy Sauce
  6. 1/2 tablespoon of Oyster Sauce
  7. A dash of Black Pepper

AMC Healthy Cooking Method :

  1. Marinate chicken mid-joints with all ingredients for 20 minutes in an AMC 24cm 3.0 liter Hotpan unit. Cover pan unit with lid.
  2. Switch on Navigenio to automatic “A”.
  3. Turn on Audiotherm, place on lid knob, indicating 80°C or “Carrot Window” and set on 10 minutes to cook.
  4. When Audiotherm beeps, turn off both Navigenio & Audiotherm.
  5. Serve warm with steamed rice.

Tips : AMC cooking requires no additional oil for any cooking of meat as there are fat in its origin. Meat cooked without additional oil/fat is healthier for the body and taste better on the palate. Imagine eating no additional oil in every meal for a lifetime. You get to enjoy your favourite food instead, without having to load more calories to the body.


Marinate all ingredients in a Hotpan unit. 1 pan unit used from marinating to serving made easy!


Cover with lid and set Audiotherm to cook for 10 minutes on automatic mode. At this time, I roamed the living hall dancing and singing a few songs with my toddler who needs some attention.


When I hear the Audiotherm beeps, I got back to the kitchen again to turn the chicken mid-joints to the other side, gently stir and dinner is ready to be served.


Let’s take a closer look. It is nicely browned and moist. Does it look like it is a one step cooking that is done automatically?

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