Month: August 2016

“Marine” Bak Kut Teh, a Childhood Taste

~ Seafood Bak Kut Teh ~ Bak Kut Teh literally means “meat bone tea”. It is typically meat ribs boiled and simmered in a complex broth base with herbs and spices found mainly in Singapore and Malaysia. There are many different versions…Read More »

Blackspot Threadfin Steamed in a Pan

~ Steamed Teo Chew Style Blackspot Threadfin ~ How do you usually cook Blackspot Threadfin Fish? I am inexperienced with this fish. I have only learnt from my mum during my confinement month 3 years ago that this fish can be made…Read More »

Protein Source for the Vegetarian

~ Pan-fried Tau Kwa with Shimeiji Mushrooms in Plum Sauce ~ Tofu is originated from China. It is a product made by solidified fresh soy milk and pressed into solid block before chilling. There are many variety of tofu, from hard to…Read More »

3 Ingredients Toddler-Bite Cheese Crackers

~ Cheese Baked Crackers/Cookies ~ I first got attracted to this recipe which promised ONLY 3 items (or 4 if water is counted) in the ingredients list. That was when my little girl turned one and I was reluctant to buy commercial…Read More »

Unconventional Japanese Yakitori

~ Japanese Yakitori with Vegetables ~ Japanese Yakitori is traditionally known to be grilled chicken skewered on stick with all kinds of chicken parts. There are 2 types of Yakitori, a salty one, which is plain, and a salty sweet one, with…Read More »