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~ Pan-fried Tau Kwa with Shimeiji Mushrooms in Plum Sauce ~

Tofu is originated from China. It is a product made by solidified fresh soy milk and pressed into solid block before chilling. There are many variety of tofu, from hard to soft texture. The selection of types of tofu, differentiated by its texture, is important. It all depends on how you want to cook them. Tofu is a common protein source for most Vegetarians. It contains all eight essential amino acids. It is an excellent source of iron and calcium and the minerals manganese, selenium and phosphorous, a good source of magnesium, copper, zinc and vitamin B1. There are just countless benefits in tofu.

My mum cooks vegetarian dishes for the family every 1st and 15th day of the Chinese Lunar Calender. It has been a practise for the last 20 years but we never get sick of the vegetarian dishes she prepared. She does not cook mocked meat but mainly fresh vegetables and soy ingredients. There is one particular dish which I remember very well until today as it is one of my favourite vegetarian dish. It is Deep-fried Beancurd Slices cooked in a wokful of plum sauce. This is like the non-vegetarian deep-fried chicken in plum sauce (please pardon me for equating a meat dish to a vegetarian dish!). It is a fantastic vegetarian dish and just a type of soy based product that I have grown up eating.

My husband is a big fan of all kinds of tofu. My little girl has inherited the love for tofu just like her daddy. So, with the idea from my favourite Beancurd in Plum Sauce dish made by my mum, I have adapted her recipe. I tried out this new recipe, Pan-fried Tau Kwa with Shimeiji Mushrooms in Plum Sauce. I used Tau Kwa as it has a hard texture for pan-frying and tough enough for a quick braise in a wokful of plum gravy cooked. Every bite on the Tau Kwa with Shimeiji mushrooms coated with Plum Sauce is a delightful bite.

I have taken 2 steps to cook this dish. I pan-fried the Tau Kwa first. Then I cooked the Plum Sauce before adding the pan-fried Tau Kwa for a minute of quick braise. The wonder of this dish is that you can pan-fried the Tau Kwa in advance and store them away in the refrigerator a day before. This is particularly great at a time when you have to make several dishes. I figured that this can make a great vegetarian dish for any vegan guests in the house too!

Pan-fried Tau Kwa with Shimeiji Mushrooms in Plum Sauce Recipe (Serves 6) :

  1. 2 packs of 400grams Tau Kwa (cut into 16 rectangular pieces each)
  2. 1 tablespoon Cooking Oil
  3. 1 pack of 100grams Shimeiji Mushrooms
  4. 3 cloves Garlic (minced)
  5. 1 inch Ginger (thinly sliced)
  6. 6 tablespoons Plum Sauce (any brand of your choice)
  7. 1 teaspoon Brown Sugar
  8. 200ml Water

AMC Healthy Cooking Method :

A. Pan-frying Tau Kwa

  1. Preheat AMC 28cm 4.0 liter Hot Pan unit with Navigenio heat level “3” to 50°C or “Meat Window”. Use Audiotherm as an indicator by turning it on, place on lid knob/Visiotherm, indicating 50°C or “Meat Window”.
  2. When Audiotherm beeps, it indicates readiness for pan-frying. Turn off Audiotherm, turn Navigenio heat level to “2” and remove lid. Add oil followed by Tau Kwa into pan unit.
  3. Cover pan with lid. Activate Audiotherm, place on lid knob/Visiotherm, at 50°C or “Meat Window” for 90°C or “Turning Point” indication.
  4. When Audiotherm beeps the second time at 90°C indicating “Turning Point”, remove lid and turn the Tau Kwa pieces to pan fry the other side.
  5. Cover pan with lid. Activate Audiotherm at 50°C or “Meat Window”. When Audiotherm beeps for the second time at 90°C, remove lid and turn off Audiotherm. Let cool for 10 minutes in pan unit before dishing out the pan-fried Tau Kwa and set aside.

B. Sauteeing Gravy/Sauce

  1. Continue with Navigenio heat level “3” to 50°C or “Meat Window”. Use Audiotherm as an indicator by turning it on, place on lid knob/Visiotherm, indicating 50°C or “Meat Window”.
  2. When Audiotherm beeps, it indicates readiness to cook up the gravy. Turn off Audiotherm and remove lid. Saute garlic, ginger and Shimeiji mushrooms. Add plum sauce and water into pan unit. Stir well and cover pan with lid. Add pan-fried Tau Kwa and ensure all are covered with the gravy.
  3. Switch on Navigenio to automatic “A”. Turn on Audiotherm on lid, indicating 80°C or “Carrot Window” and set 1 minutes to cook.
  4. Serve with warm rice or noodles.

Tips : “Turning Point” is the point when the cooking temperature reaches 90°C. Audiotherm will beep the first time at 50°C, ignore and wait for the second beeping sound which indicates 90°C. At this temperature, all pan-fried items are ready for turning onto the other side without fuss! Don’t believe this? Try it out yourself!



Pre-heat the 28cm Hotpan unit for 3 minutes.


Turn down the heat on Navigenio to level “2”. We do not need to any extra electricity consumption.


Pan-fry 2 sides of the Tau Kwa pieces.


Cover lid and cook up to 90°C before flipping the Tau Kwa to pan-fry on the other side.


Scoop out the Tau Kwa pieces and leave aside.


When the gravy is ready, pour all Tau Kwa into the sauce, mix well and serve.



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