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~ Steamed Teo Chew Style Blackspot Threadfin ~

How do you usually cook Blackspot Threadfin Fish? I am inexperienced with this fish. I have only learnt from my mum during my confinement month 3 years ago that this fish can be made into Fish Essence. As I think this particular type of Threadfin species that I have access to, has a rather soft texture which may be suitable for my 3 years old girl, I have tried steaming it recently. However, I have to be cautious with some of the tiny bones sticking to the flesh though. Regardless, that’s manageable.

When I was little, my late grandmother steamed fishes by placing them onto a big plate over a tripod and into a huge Chinese Black Aluminium Wok. In order to check whether the fish is cooked through, she would grab a pair of chopsticks to poke and prick the flesh before she turned off the gas flame. By the time the steamed fish is served, I do not conquer much to it due to the unappetising look from the pricked flesh. That was the fussy me as a child!

After we have moved out from my late grandmother’s place, my mum still used gas flame which was vulnerable in heat used for cooking. Before long, she used the AMC Atmosfera, a hot plate, hooked up to the electric points for her cooking. With that, mum no longer needs to poke and prick steamed fishes to check if they are cooked through as the use of electricity coupled with the AMC cookware units which came with indicators, means there is no fret for any newbies without cooking experience. Steamed fishes no longer require a big plate over a tripod in a big Chinese Wok full of water but any pan which can fit the fish for direct steaming.

Then in the 21st century, we had the newly invented AMC cookware system, being the current and future kitchen gadget, Navigenio, which provides an optional fully automatic cooking and baking function on Bluetooth technology. Whilst cooking healthy and tasty food for the whole family with the precision in temperature by the degree celcius for optimization of nutrients retention, it provides convenience to modern, hectic lifestyle with it’s automatic cooking function. Just imagine cooking without having to lay an eye on your pot and stove but just an ear for beeping sound indicating cooking is done. The time saved on cooking can be of better used, like focusing on catching up with family members after a long day.

Over the past 3 decades, I have experienced a revolutionary journey in cooking methods used in the family, especially with my mum. With the use of gas flame back then where we, children, are discouraged to get in the kitchen to avoid unnecessary danger in inhalation of cooking gas and to minimize the risk of scalding from hot foods (when spilled), to the now fully automatic cooking with the AMC Premium Cookware System where electricity is used as a source of energy for cooking. Many are unaware of such revolution. This does not just limit to steamed fishes.

Steamed Teo Chew Style Blackspot Threadfin Recipe (Serves 4 adults) :

  1. 1 600 grams Blackspot Threadfin Fish (cleaned)
  2. 12 Cherry Tomatoes or 2 medium size Tomatoes (wedged)
  3. 2 Shiitake Mushrooms (thinky sliced)
  4. 2 Salted Plum (seeds removed)
  5. 1 inch Ginger (thinly sliced)
  6. 2 cloved Garlic (crushed & chopped)
  7. 1 tablespoon Soy Sauce
  8. Pinch of Salt and Black Pepper
  9. 200ml Water
  10. Spring Onion and Chinese Parsley (garnishing)

AMC Healthy Cooking Method :

  1. Slit middle flesh from the bone on one side of the fish. Arrange fish lying flat directly on a 28cm Hot Pan unit. (See photo illustrated below.) Arrange all other ingredients and add diluted sauce in water to the pan unit. Cover pan with lid.
  2. Switch on Navigenio to automatic mode, “A”. Turn on Audiotherm and set 4 minutes to steam. Activate Audiotherm by attaching it on the lid knob and indicate 80°C or “Carrot Window”.
  3. When Audiotherm beeps, turn off both Navigenio & Audiotherm. Garnish and serve warm.

Tips :  All AMC pots and pans have an Accuthermic-Compact-Base, which is tightly welded to the stainless-steel pots/pans. Its body absorbs the smallest amount of heat very quickly. It stores heat like batteries, distributes them evenly over the whole surface of the base and keep food in the pots/pans warm longer than any bare serving plate. So, serve the steamed fish directly in the pan used and enjoy the dish warm till the end of the meal!


Place slitted fish lying in an AMC 28cm Pan unit. Add other ingredients and diluted gravy into pan.


Turn on Navigenio on “A”, automatic mode, set Audiotherm to steam fish for 4 minutes.


Fish and other ingredients cooked through after 4 minutes at 98°C.


Garnish and serve warm directly with the Pan unit. Fish is kept warm for longer time as the pan base is able to store heat like a battery!

20170824 : Teo Chew Style Steamed Pomfret (Carrot Window + 4 minutes)

20170928 : Teo Chew Style White Pomfret with added a 300 grams pack Soft Tofu and 50 grams Minced Salted Vegetables. Water amount to make gravy is reduced to 100ml (instead of 200ml as per above recipe) as the Soft Tofu releases liquid during cooking. (Carrot Window + 4 minutes)



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