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~ ABC Soup ~

The title of this article is just food for thought! If you are expecting an answer, you will be dissappointed. Please pardon me! I will still be sharing about ABC Soup though. *grin*. ABC Soup is a common nourishing soup in the Malaysian/Singaporean Chinese family cooking. It is a nutritious soup with a combination of vegetables and some meat. I always wonder why it is called an ABC soup. Some says it is because it contains vitamins A, B and C. Some says the ingredients are well mixed like ABC. My guess would be it is as simple as ABC. Hence, the name. What do you think?

I replaced brown onion with corn on cob and beetroot in my version of ABC soup. I usually cook the soup sufficient for 2 meals, one served in Chinese and another in Western. I serve the first portion of the clear soup in Chinese style coupled with some Chinese dishes. All leftover, except the meat and bones, will be hand-blended to make thick soup, topped with a dollop of yogurt or sour cream to make a Western style soup served with bread or pasta. They are both equally delicious and nutritious for the family.

Nutrients in food are optimally retained when cooked in the shortest time possible under the ideal temperature range. The AMC Secuquick Softline cooks soup rapidly at an ideal temperature range of 108°C to 118°C. Therefore, I cooked this soup for 30 minutes with the AMC Secuquick Softline Turbo setting. Since I discovered and learnt about the time and temperature effect on food nutrients, I have almost stopped simmering soups the conventional way, i.e. boiled and simmered for 2 hours or more.

Soups cooked the rapid way are clear. All vegetables and meat are cooked to the most edible texture while they do not dry out and are actually tasty, as compared to soups cooked the conventional long hours cooking way. When I cook soups the rapid way, I save up to 75% of energy consumption too. So, here I am living the thrifty way by finishing all the ingredients used to cook soups and saving as much energy as possible! *wink*

ABC Soup Recipe (Serves 6 or 3 for 2 meals) :

  1. 1/2 Chicken, approximately 500gm (cleaned and deskined)
  2. 2 Potatoes (cubed)
  3. 2 Carrots (cubed)
  4. 2 Tomatoes (wedged)
  5. 1 Beetroot (wedged)
  6. 1 Corn (cut into 4 blocks)
  7. 1 1/2 liter Water

AMC Healthy Cooking Method :

  1. Place all ingredients into a 6.0 liter Pot.
  2. Cover the pot with the 24cm Secuquick Softline lid.
  3. Switch on Navigenio to automatic “A”. Turn on Audiotherm, place on lid knob, indicating “Turbo” and set 30 minutes to cook.
  4. When Audiotherm beeps, turn off both Navigenio & Audiotherm.
  5. Let pot depressurise, scoop out and serve warm.

Tips :

  1. AMC Secuquick Softline Lid is commonly known as a Pressure Lid. As a prominent user, I would say that it is a notch higher than any ordinary pressure cooker as it enables 2 settings, “Soft” and “Turbo” where an AMC Sucuquick Softline Lid cooks with an accuracy by degree celcius. The “Soft” setting cooks in the range of 103°C -113°C while the “Turbo” setting cooks in the range of 108°C-118°C. Just to name an example, “Soft” setting is used to cook semi-hard food like pasta and “Turbo” setting is used to cook the hardest food like beans.
  2. An AMC Secuquick Softline Lid has 4 safety valves, one of it being 360° lid covering the pot to ensure safety during and after cooking. As a safety measure, you will not be able to remove the lid if pressure in the pot has not been released completely. Do you know that you will not be able to remove the lid too if you turn the pot upside down, with or without pressure in the pot? You will be surprised by the fact!
  3. An AMC Secuquick Softline Lid can be used to cover any AMC Pots with the same diameter. Hence, you may use the same lid to pressure cook any dishes depending on your cooking quantity. The amount of food to be cooked determines the Pot size.
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All ingredients in a 6.0 liter Pot.


Automatic soup cooking for 30 minutes on Turbo setting with Secuquick Softline.


Side view of the AMC system cooking on automatic mode.


Soup cooked for 30 minutes.

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Hearty ABC soup for all on a hot sunny day.

A vegetarian version of the soup is possible! Just replace the meat with more vegetables. Corn and purple carrots were added in this version to warm the tummies on a Monday evening.




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