By | September 12, 2016

~ Minute Garlic Steamed Shrimps ~

This September school holiday, we introduced a new experience to our 3 years old girl. We went to Pasir Ris Town Park, the largest seawater fishing pond in Singapore. Fishing is rather common, so we went prawning! How does that sound? It was an awesome experience catching live shrimps and putting them on our dinner table at the end of the day. It was the “Catch of The Day” for real!

We spent an hour at the prawning farm and had a pretty good harvest given that it was our first experience. The first 15 minutes was spent learning how to properly hook the baits and lift the rod at the right time to ensure the shrimp bites on firmly. The next 45 minutes, we managed to hook 9 shrimps, an average of 5 minutes per shrimp. That was not bad at all according to the farm attendant.

Although the shrimps were rather small in size, they were good enough for some excitement during the school holiday for our little girl as well as we, parents. The live shrimps were so fresh that we simply steamed them waterless with some minced garlic. We wanted to taste the most original flavour of these shrimps from the farm. Don’t get me wrong! We did not cook them when they were still alive. They were all dead by the time we got home. With a good rinse and after we had them deveined, all shrimps were ready to be cooked.

The freshest ingredient coupled with an ideal 1-minute cooking with the temperature upto 98°C waterless method makes a perfect dish. This method cooked up the most genuine “just cooked” fresh seawater farmed shrimps. The shrimps texture was firm and “crispy” at the same time. They had the most natural mild salty taste as they were nurtured at the seawater farm. No salt or seasoning is required. Simply delicious.

Steamed Prawns Recipe (Serves 2) :

  1. 250 grams Fresh Prawns (rinsed to clean and deveined)
  2. 2 Garlic Bulbs (minced)
  3. 20 ml Water

AMC Healthy Cooking Method :

  1. In an AMC 20cm 1.3 liter Hot Pan Unit, add uncooked prawns to the pan. Cover the pan with lid.
  2. Switch on Navigenio to automatic mode, “A”. Turn on Audiotherm and set 1 minute to cook. Activate Audiotherm by attaching it on the lid knob and indicate “Carrot” window or 80°C.
  3. When Audiotherm beeps, turn off both Navigenio & Audiotherm. Serve immediately.

Tips : Seafood are most sensitive to cooking duration and heat. Too long a time will send them over-cooked while too short a time will send them under-cooked with harmful bacteria which causes gastroenteritis to anyone. Young children and pregnant mothers have to be especially careful. The AMC cooking system which cooks to the duration precision in minutes and heat measure in Degree Celsius may ensure seafood are perfectly cooked to their best texture while retaining the taste and goodness.


We had lots of fun prawning shrimps for an hour!


Fresh shrimps with some minced garlic and 20ml of water.


Cooked automatically at 98°C for 1 minute.


Beautifully cooked shrimps in orange colour.


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