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I am Sylvia, a Work-From-Home-Mum (WFHM) residing in Singapore, whom is passionate in learning and sharing all about healthy cooking methods with AMC (Allied Metalcraft Coporation) Premium Cookware System, the world’s no. 1 patented automatic cookware system originated from Germany. I believe in enjoying every bit of the cooking and preparation process towards creating a healthy, wholesome meal for my family.

As much as I love making home-cooked food, I love to laze around during the cooking process. Nope, not because I have all the time on earth but I am confident that my desired cooking will turn out as I wish with the fabulous AMC automatic cookware system on bluetooth technology. With cooking time stolen away from the kitchen at prime time, I can whole-heartedly catch up with my spouse and kid without being caught up adjusting high and low heat in the kitchen. 10-20 minutes a day stolen from the kitchen contributes to the quality of our relationship with the family members. Yes, it is all possible with the automatic cooking system.

In this blog, I am sharing my tried and tasted cooking recipes from my private home kitchen with all my “not so glam foodography”. I am sharing recipes that we can practically make which optimises nutrients in food as much as possible (Afterall, we eat to obtain nutrients!) with the most convenient and fast cooking methods only by using the AMC products. I hope you will find the blog useful.

I take pride in sharing my knowledge on “Eat Better, Live Better” philosophy with AMC products, being a certified AMC “Eat Better, Live Better” Ambassador by AMC International since 2nd May 2015.


Certified AMC “Eat Better, Live Better” Ambassador.

My humble Baby Food idea has also been recognised by AMC International with further positive solid findings in Baby Food with Magic Cooking for optimisation of nutrients.


Recognition of Baby Food idea – Findings on Baby Food with Magic Cooking.

Being an active Independent Business Consultant with AMC in Malaysia and now in Singapore too, it is always my pleasure sharing all knowledge I have attained through my personal experience with AMC products over a span of 20 years and counting. I ensure my customers get the best value they deserve. I conduct mini health talks/workshops on fatless and waterless cooking for optimisation of nutrients in food with the AMC Premium Cooking System upon requests and by appointment. Please feel free to contact me for greater experience with AMC.





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