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~ Steamed Brown Rice and Basmati White Rice ~

Rice is a staple food for most, if not all Asians. According to the recent article published by the Straits Times, “Diabetes – The rice you eat is worse than sugary drinks.”, the carbohydrate content in a bowl of white rice is equivalent to those in 2 cans of soft drinks. In average, Asians like Chinese, have 4 bowls of white rice in a day as opposed to those with just 5 weekly in some Western countries.

There is certainly an increasing conscience in the health benefits and setbacks brought by the staple over time to the human body, probing to more researches done leading to more variety of rice grains available in the market. The more advanced the agriculture of rice is, the more complex and diversified the texture of rice has become. As a matter of fact, more time and efforts are required in bringing the used to be simple staple on the table on a daily basis.

It is a common sight in an Asian kitchen to have a rice cooker at one corner of the kitchen top, be it a small one or a big one, a simple one or a complicated one. I used to have one too until I discovered how easy it can be cooking rice on a daily basis with the AMC Automatic System, until I discovered how plum, tender and fluffy rice can be when cooked in an AMC Pot with a Secuquick Softline Lid.

For health reasons, I pick for Brown rice and Basmati white rice over starchy white rice which have lower Glycemic Index. Whether I am cooking brown or white, I do not practise soaking my rice for long hours before cooking. I simply soak brown rice for 30 minutes and cook for 7 minutes and white rice for 20 seconds, even toddlers will not reject.

Steamed Brown/ White Rice Recipe (Serves 2 Adults & 1 Toddler) :

  1. 1 cup Brown Rice or Basmati White Rice
  2. 1 1/2 cup Water for Brown Rice or 1 cup Water for White Rice (may vary with different rice brand)

AMC Healthy Cooking Method :

  1. Add rice into an AMC 20cm 3.0 liter Pot unit. Add water.
  2. Cover pot with the AMC 20cm Secuquick Softline lid. After 30 minutes, switch on Navigenio to automatic “A”.
  3. Turn on Audiotherm, place on lid knob, indicating “Turbo”, set 7 minutes to cook brown rice and indicating “Soft”, set P programme to cook white rice.
  4. When Audiotherm beeps, turn off both Navigenio & Audiotherm.
  5. When pot depressurised, remove lid, fluff cooked rice and serve warm with any of your favourite dish(es).

Tips :

1) P Programme is available for use on Secuquick Softline lid. It simply means cooking for 20 seconds from boiling point. Whether you are cooking 400 grams or 1 kg of Basmati white rice, with P programme, it will still cook in 20 seconds from boiling point. Amazingly quick!

2) The exact same Pot and Pressure Lid can be used to cook any other dishes. No table space is wasted for a conventional rice cooker.


Add rice and water to pot unit.


Cover lid and cook with Turbo for 7 minutes in brown rice and with Soft for 20 seconds in Basmati white rice.


Cooked brown rice.


Fluff up with a spatula. Every grain can be dished out from the pot. No rice is left in the pot unless deliberately so!


A warm bowl of plum, tender and fluffy brown rice is ready to be served.


Oh, don’t forget that pair of chopsticks!

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