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Protein Source for the Vegetarian

~ Pan-fried Tau Kwa with Shimeiji Mushrooms in Plum Sauce ~ Tofu is originated from China. It is a product made by solidified fresh soy milk and pressed into solid block before chilling. There are many variety of tofu, from hard to…Read More »

Gem from Coldstorage

~ Salmon Radish Tofu Stew ~ I love picking up FOC recipes from the supermarkets. I think they give good inspiration for cooking of the day when you are lost while planning your day-to-day cooking for the family. I picked up an…Read More »

Tale of My First Pot

~ Fatless Stew Chicken Thigh in Oyster Sauce ~ As I left home for my tertiary education at the age of 17, mum stuffed my suitcase with a well-seasoned mini AMC pot, a 16cm 1.2 litre Quali unit, in case I need to…Read More »