Month: September 2015

What for an “Indoor” Picnic?

~ Cheesy Zucchini Nuggets ~ Being a mother to a playschool- going young toddler can be challenging too! Two mornings ago, upon picking up my soon to be 22 months old girl from playschool, the teacher informed me that they will be…Read More »

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AMC Singapore “Cooking is Love Made Visible”

~ Homemade Ma La Xiang Guo ~ The love for AMC system has of course been instilled in me even after I have moved to Singapore. I continue to actively participate in all AMC campaigns and activities whenever time and energy permits.…Read More »

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Tale of My First Pot

~ Fatless Stew Chicken Thigh in Oyster Sauce ~ As I left home for my tertiary education at the age of 17, mum stuffed my suitcase with a well-seasoned mini AMC pot, a 16cm 1.2 litre Quali unit, in case I need to…Read More »

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