Month: April 2016

Zero Oil Chinese Style Braised Chicken Mid-joints

~ Fatless Braised Chicken Mid-joints ~ Which part of a chicken do you like the most? Are you also a chicken mid-joint person like me? I actually enjoy most part of a chicken as long as they are cooked fatless and moist.…Read More »

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Ramekin Bowl Lo Mai Gai

~ Lo Mai Gai (Glutinous Rice with Chicken) ~ As part of the classic dim sum family, “Lo Mai Gai” literally means Glutinous Rice with Chicken. It is one of the most filling dish served as a dim sum. So, family will…Read More »

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2 in 1 Fragrant Ginger Chicken Brown Rice

~ Steamed Fragrant Ginger Chicken Brown Rice ~ I would really like to name this dish Hainanese Chicken Rice but I am not really sure if this fits into the traditional definition of Hainanese Chicken Rice as I have not selected a…Read More »

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