Month: October 2016

One Pot Fix – Rainbow Biryani

~ Chicken & Mixed Vegetables Biryani Rice ~ Chicken & Mixed Vegetables Biryani Rice is one of my favourite one-pot quick fix meal. A more premium version of Biryani Rice includes saffron. The more authentic ones may include all the other ingredients…Read More »

The Weekly Indulgence with White Cod

~ Baked Teriyaki Cod Fillet ~ At 50°C, the sizzle sound effect marked a moment the beautiful white is attached to the Hotpan. Omega-3 rich oil spattered all around within it. Juices locked within the very piece. The seared smell lingered at…Read More »

Is Char Siu Carcinogenic?

~ Fatless Char Siu ~ Who doesn’t like Char Siu? The slightly charred effect from caramelised sugar and/or honey glazed on pork with a savoury sweet taste is my family’s favourite too. Char Siu literally means “Fork Roast”, a name gained from…Read More »

Let’s Do Salsa with Salmon!

~ Waterless Steamed Salmon Fillet with Salsa ~ This Waterless Steamed Salmon with Salsa with so much natural flavours from the fresh ingredients, tantalises taste buds with smooth flaky flesh dances on your tongue! I did not prepare the salsa ingredients like…Read More »

The Victorious Green Pesto Pasta

~ Green Pesto Genovese Instant Spaghetti ~ Pasta is our family’s favourite. We have it at least twice, if not three times a week. After we started making both our favourite types of homemade pasta sauce from fresh ingredients, we can never…Read More »