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~ Cheese Baked Salmon Spinach Italian Black Rice Penne ~

No, this is not squid ink pasta. I used to relate anything black in Italian cuisine with squid ink but not this time. This is Italian black rice penne I bought from the Isetan supermarket which has a limited supply. I regretted not buying more. I like it as we do not consume any natural black food sources very often, more so as it is made from wholegrain black rice.  Besides being fibre rich, black rice has high amount of anthocyanins which is uniquely found in black rice with strong anti-oxidant properties. It contains vitamin E and rich in iron, zinc, calcium, manganese and phosphorus too.

This is an improvised recipe originated from a recipe idea shared by the nutritionist, Dr. Doris from AMC International, Switzerland, when she was in Singapore last May. This baked pasta dish was done cooked and baked within the very same AMC Pot unit within minutes. I cooked this many times and it has proven to be a fast food, only a nutritious & delicious one for my family. Hence, it has become my family’s weekly recipe. How time flies?! Dr. Doris will be here again next month and I am lucky enough to have been invited to the session. Hooray! I am all excited to meet her again to learn more about nutritious cooking tips and tricks!

Baked pasta is typically cooked in large pot of boiled water, drained and then transferred into a baking tray for the oven. With the AMC Premium Cooking System, pasta is cooked with just sufficient water with the AMC Secuquick Softline lid on Soft Pressure setting which is monitored automatically within the temperature range of 103°C to 113°C. No draining is required. Once the pasta is cooked, they were baked with a Navigenio placed on top of the pot. Imagine without having to drain pasta ever again in all your cooking!

Back to the black rice penne, it is distinctly different in taste from the normal durum wheat pasta. Its flavour is somewhat similar to those of black glutinous rice that is familiar to us. It has that grainy aroma and mild nutty taste which makes it more flavourful. It is slightly costlier in comparison but it is well worth the value. This will definitely be a new staple for my family.

Cheese Baked Salmon Spinach Italian Black Rice Penne Recipe (Serves 4) :

  1. 250 grams Italian Black Rice Penne
  2. 120 grams Salmon Fillet
  3. 60 grams Spinach Baby Leaves
  4. 200 ml Whipping Cream
  5. 100 grams Aged Cheddar Cheese (Shredded)
  6. 2 cloves Garlic (minced)
  7. 1 tablespoon Olive Oil
  8. 250ml Water
  9. 1 teaspoon Salt
  10. 1 teaspoon Black Pepper

AMC Healthy Cooking Method :

A. Cooking Penne with P Programme.

  1. Preheat a 24cm 3.5 litre Pot Unit on Navigenio on heat level “3” up to 50°C or “Meat Window”. Switch on Audiotherm indicating “Meat Window” for readiness indication. Add olive oil and garlic into pot unit to brown. Add penne, salmon and water to pot unit.
  2. Cover pan unit with AMC 24cm Secuquick Softline unit. Switch on Navigenio to automatic “A”. Turn on Audiotherm, place on knob, indicating “Soft” and set to cook on P programme.
  3. As Audiotherm beeps, turn off both Navigenio & Audiotherm. Move Pot away from the Navigenio (away from heat source).
  4. When pot unit depressurised, remove lid. Add whipped cream and spinach. Mix well and cover pot unit with lid. Heat up pot unit again with Navigenio heat 3, upto 50°C or “Meat Window”.
  5. When Audiotherm beeps, turn off both Navigenio & Audiotherm. Remove lid and place the pot unit onto the upturned lid.

B. Baking Cheesy Penne with upturned Navigenio.

  1. Spread shredded cheese evenly on top of the cooked penne.
  2. Cover pot unit with Navigenio turned upside down to bake. Activate Audiotherm to set 8 minutes, 2 minutes and 6 minutes for baking on high “=” and low heat “-“, respectively.
  3. When Audiotherm beeps, turn off both Navigenio & Audiotherm.
  4. Serve warm with waterless-steamed corn on cob as side.

Tips :

  1. P Programme is available for use on Secuquick Softline lid. It simply means cooking for 20 seconds from Soft or Turbo pressure point. Remember the key to healthy cooking is that the shorter the time and the lower the temperature used to cook, the better the retention of nutrients level in food. Whether you are cooking 250 grams or 500 grams of Penne, with P programme, it still takes just 20 seconds from pressure point to cook. Amazingly quick!
  2. Soft Pressure is great for cooking of softer or more vulnerable ingredients like vegetables and pasta, just to name a few, as opposed to Turbo Pressure which is good for much harder ingredients like beans and big chunks of meat.

All ingredients used for the Baked Pasta.


Preheat pot up to 50°C on Navigenio with heat level “3”.


Add a tablespoon of olive oil.


Add garlic to brown.


Add penne.


Place salmon slice on top of the penne.


Add water to pot.


Cover pot with the AMC Secuquick Softline lid, set Automatic mode on Navigenio and Soft Pressure setting for 20 seconds to cook, aka P program.


When pot depressurised, remove lid. This is how itlooks like after cooking.


Add whipped cream.


Add spinach.


Mix well.


Cook/ preheat the pot again up to 50°C.


Add shredded cheese.


Overturn the Navigenio to bake the cheesy pasta.


Here’s the beautifully bake Cheese Baked Black Rice penne with spinach and salmon.


I served waterless steamed corn with the pasta.


This was the wholesome meal at home-sweet-home after a long day for all. Bon-appetit!


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