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~ Super-steamed Golden Sweet Potatoes ~

Do you agree that eating sweet potatoes require a good amount of saliva in our mouth to regulate the starchy texture for chewing before we can swallow them? No matter how sweet a sweet potato is, no matter how I convince my little girl that it is nice, she refused to eat them. I figured out recently that saliva function has a huge influence in our ability to swallow starchy food in the mouth. That may well be the reason for my little girl to dislike eating most starchy food until she is now 4 years old.

The softer the texture of sweet potatoes, the better the carotene goodness is absorbed by our body. Hence, we want to cook them to a soft texture through the center part of the elongated shape without over-cooking the outer layer and the thinner ends. When sweet potatoes are cooked just nice, the skin layers do not crinkle when left to cool.

As such, I tried using the AMC way of “Super-steaming” with the latest Easy Quick lid which does not require a lot of water as the “Convection Principle” is in place and controlled within the range of 97°C to 99°C. When little water is used, there is no need for unnecessary additional energy consumption. Cooking them for too long will be taxing on the limited energy resources we have (aka electricity).

Within the shortest time possible, these sweet potatoes were cooked to the desired texture whilst retaining much of their flavours and taste. With the combination of an AMC Softiera Insert unit, food cooked evenly without being immersed in water. The basket like accessory saves time as I can just lift it from the pot and start handling them on the chopping board.

Last weekend, I tried this recipe at breakfast. It is a simple yet nutritious food to start our day before we visited the Chinese Garden in the hope of feeding the fishes at the lake. Turned to disappointment, we discovered that it is against the law to feed the fishes in the lake! So, we ended up feeding the turtles and tortoises at the museum. We lasted 3 long hours on a sunny morning!

Super-steamed Golden Sweet Potatoes Recipe (Serves 3-4 Adults) :-

  1. 2 Golden Sweet Potatoes, around 300 grams & about 1 ½ inch thick (clean and split into two)
  2. 1-2 Purple Sweet Potatoes, around 80 grams (clean)
  3. 3 tablespoons Honey
  4. 1 teaspoon Black Sesame Seeds
  5. 120ml Water (for Super-steaming)

AMC Healthy Cooking Method :

  1. Arrange cut pieces of sweet potatoes into a 20cm Softiera Insert. Place the Softiera Insert into a 20cm 2.6 litre Gourmet Pot unit.
  2. Cover Pot unit with an Easy Quick Lid. Switch on Navigenio to “A”. Turn on Audiotherm, place on lid knob, indicating 97°C or “Steam Window” and set for 15 minutes to Super-steam.
  3. As Audiotherm beeps, turn off Audiotherm and Navigenio. Remove lid, lift the Softiera Insert basket and place it on the upturned lid. Pour away water left in the Pot.
  4. Add honey into the Pot unit. Cut the steamed sweet potatoes (skin on) into bite size cubes and add to the Pot unit. Mix well. Add black sesame seeds. Mix well and serve warm.

Tips :

  1. Sweet potatoes of different types and sizes may require different cooking time to bring the entire sweet potato to your preferred tenderness.
  2. Leave cooked sweet potatoes to cool for a minute or two. The skin can be detached with bare fingers easily from the flesh. A thin layer of the flesh sticking the skin come off if they are detached whilst piping hot.

Place cleaned Sweet Potatoes into the 20cm Sofitera Insert unit (the basket look alike unit with holes) into the 20cm 2.6 litre Gourmet Pot unit.

Lower down the Softiera Insert handle before covering the Pot unit. Notice that I place the small purple sweet potato on top of the rest?

Super-steamed for 15 minutes from “Steam Window” or 97°C point.

Piping hot Sweet Potatoes done steaming.

With the cooking temperature controlled between 97°C to 99°C, the big chunks of Sweet Potatoes were cooked without loosing as little as 120ml water added to the Pot when it first started.

Here’s the chopped up Super-steamed Sweet Potatoes coated with Honey and Toasted Black Sesame Seeds.








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