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~ Every Cloud has a Silver Lining ~

I have been an AMC product user since 20 years ago when I was a still a teenage girl and living off my parents. We are not a rich nor middle class family. Instead, we would be considered poor, in fact even struggling.

With a single AMC wok that was purchased after some hard earned savings from her first job, my mum decided to make use of it to become a part-time sales consultant for AMC Malaysia in the hope of earning more income for the family.

To cut the story short, after a lot of hardwork and with some “non-monetary” loans from relatives, my mum earned enough to own a set of AMC products. If I recall correctly, the set was named The Royal. Despite our struggles, we felt like having a royal lifestyle with the Royal in the house.

Gradually, my mum made enough to own more and more AMC products and the family including myself benefited from the products. This is the story made short, of the beginning of my mum’s, and thereafter my career with AMC Malaysia.

The Very First Time

When I was 11 years old, my mum had to leave us for a period of time to care for our terminally illed grandmother in another town, 6 hours bus journey away from where we lived in Borneo. As my younger brother and I were schooling, dad had to stay with us instead of joining mum. That was the very first time we had to “survive” on our own without mum.

For the very first time, I worried no one will be cooking for us. For the very first time it occurred to me, being the only daughter at home, I had to assume the cooking responsibility in the absence of mum. As mum has always been the chef at home cooking for all of us, I felt very uneasy without her.

I recall the very first schooling morning in the absence of mum, I woke up earlier than usual to make breakfast for everyone. To my surprise, I saw dad already in the kitchen making us breakfast. It was nothing really fantastic on my breakfast plate but an egg, sunny side up and 2 slices of bread with margarine.

That was the very first time for us to see my traditionally Chinese cultured dad whom had never been near to the kitchen cooker (at least not during our young lives until then) to actually cook something. I would not believe he can cook hard-boiled eggs, let alone sunny side up, which requires some skills. I was overjoyed as my dad had relieved me from having to cook breakfast for everyone.

He cooked with the only AMC wok we have back then and we still have that wok sitting in the kitchen cabinet right now.

I have never discussed this with anyone in the family before. My dad has been a super hero deep in my heart since then as I believe dad can do anything for the family.

Yes, just because of that one very first sunny side up.

I am not sure if my younger brother had been inspired by this too. He had grown up to become a 5 star hotel chef and eventually been running his very own thematic cafe.

My dad had inspired me to cook since then as he proved to me, everyone can cook.

Every Tale has a Protagonist

My mum received recognition as a dynamic leader with AMC Corporation in 2015 and she was invited as a speaker to share her success with all AMC partners in the Malaysia National Sales Meeting that year. All of us in the family are very proud of her.

I am proud of her not just because she is my great mum but also my great leader in the AMC business. To me, her selfless sharing mentality and hardworking attitude have no doubt led her to her success. My experience working as a business partner with her has been priceless. She is My Greatest Mentor.

My mum has always inspired me to cook healthy meals for the family. As I am a rather lazy cook myself, it is a relief that, with AMC, I am able to cook without sweating through the apron in the kitchen. She has also influenced me to become someone who sees each meal as precious time spent together as a family.

Cooking with AMC has had an important, direct impact in our family well-being. I know it sounds rather cheesy but I believe that you will also agree with the benefits of AMC cooking once you experience it yourself.

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